Highly Available InfluxDB

November 01, 2019

Currently, from version 0.9, you cannot create an InfluxDB cluster from the open-sourced free edition. Only commercially available InfluxDB Enterprise can do that for now. That stirred up the early-adopter enthusiast users, especially for their usage in professional setups. They complained that InfluxData, the company behind InfluxDB, is trying to milk the OSS solution for profit. I can’t blame InfluxData guys much, as they have to pay their bills too. So far, we the users of OSS systems couldn’t show much promise about commercial realities of the projects. Bearing OSS future is only depending on donations, patrons or enterprise sponsorship is far too rare and unpredictable, even for the projects that many successful organizations heavily rely on.


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Arun Bhagyanath

Written by Arun Bhagyanath